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Understand and value your data better with interactive, graphical representations. Have you ever had a shift in thinking that helped move your business forward? That's exactly what Miracle I- the graphical representation of information can offer you.

Miracle I gives you rich and in-depth insight into your organizations past, current and possibly future performance rather than spending hours dragging through spreadsheets or complex reports to get that insight. It will change the way you think about your business.

It’s actually a complete MIS (Management Information system ) that comes along with Openmiracle. With this feature integrated to Openmiracle,

  • It’s easier for you to make the comparison of your company’s growth with the help of graph analysis.
  • You can analyze the financial statements like balance sheet, profit and loss account, trial balance and day book.
  • You can also compare the sales ratio of product sales according to days, months and years. This is similar to the case of product purchase too.
  • Under payroll module, it’s easy for you to compare the attendance of employees and would be easy to analyze the appraisal needed for profit making employees.
  • Budget variations and comparison can also be mapped within this.
  • Outstanding bills, payable and paid amounts, receivable and received amounts; PDC Clearance etc can also be visualized as per the day, month or years as needed.

Miracle i

Now the user can avail the complete reports of their company financial status in a graphical view, which can be accessed in a single click.

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