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Openmiracle is an opensource accounting ERP released under GPL. It includes all accounting, inventory, payroll features as that of any traditional, expensive, and proprietary software available. Its suitable for Micro, Small and Medium business.

It simply means Manage your all Inventory and accounts.

Openmiracle is an opensource project promoted by Cybrosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Most of the contributors are software engineers of cybrosys who do coding as part of their training program.
Yes. It's 100 % free of cost. You can download it from our website anytime you wish.
Yes, we are planning to make its source code, Flow diagrams, Architecture diagrams, Database diagrams, and all other source files open. You can download it from our website whenever you wish.
We believe accounting software market is a huge market. Few software products are dominating in this market. As a result, companies make standard products with fixed features. So customisation according to user needs is almost impossible or expensive. Not all business in the whole world is same, its business process, strategy, difference in delivery model and many other factors making each business different. Then how is it possible to use a single product with same facilities in all business in the world? We believe its impossible. Clients are sacrificing their requirements and its effecting their business. So we decided to develop a product which is people's choice. Clients will get ultimate power and they can decide what's their system. They can customise according to their needs. They can get support from anywhere instead of a single company. They can share the modified software with their friends. Its about the freedom, freedom to know.
1. Branding 2. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) We are a company working in closed source products and services. We are working for clients all over the globe on their customised projects and services. Its the normal process of any software company and there was anything that much exciting. So we decided to do something exciting and something which will change the world. Something that will make impact all over the world. Something that will be beneficial for common people. Something will help to improve life of millions. 3. Revenue
Never, There is no hidden costs or tags within. It's absolutely free and open source.

If you use a preparatory software, its source code is closed and only the company can give you support. If you are not satisfied in support, there is no option for you. If the company closed down or denied to provide your software, data then your business will be in risk.

Here is the beauty of open source. As it's source code is open, even a computer student can support you. Any software companies / individual can download the source code for free of cost and can give you support. If you are not satisfied with a company, you can approach another one. So you don't need to beg for support to any company.

You can hire one of our expert if it needs heavy customisation or development. Or you can approach any other company / individual who is providing customisation / development. As its source code is open, anyone can do it. Even your existing employee in your IT department may able to do it.

Heh? Its not first time an open source project developed in Microsoft technologies. Mono, .netnuke, etc are successful open source projects developed in Microsoft technologies.

We are making complete source code, designs and everything available open to the world, that's the condition to be a project open source.

Most of our developers are working in Microsoft technologies and we are more comfortable on it. So we decided to do it in .net. We know that most of open source developers love to work in open source tools. Don't worry, a version of the same product is under development in python.

Yes, we already started to develop a clone of the product in Python. We will release it soon. So we can serve both Microsoft developers and python developers.

We are not accepting donations or any other financial support. But we need your support to spread the word. We need you as our well-wisher and a guide.

Please download the software, and share it among your friends and neighbours. Encourage them to use this open source product instead of closed products. Encourage commerce students to study OpenMiracle instead of other proprietary software. Encourage programmers to use our source code to develop more useful open source projects. Encourage computer students to do their project works and assignments in openmiracle. Encourage all business entities in your contacts to use openmiracle as their accounting software. And you can do lot more.

Yes. That's the beauty of opensource. You don't need even our permission to sell the software. You can download, write it in a CD / Memory stick, sell it. You can decide your price. May be 1 dollar, 100 dollar or 1 billion dollar. Its up to you.

Always. You can re brand it in your name, your company name or any other name legal in your country. Just download the software, do needed changes. And sell it. No one will ask you why, it's your right. The only condition is that you have to do it in the same license what OpenMiracle offered you.

Yes, you can do it. Download the source code, customise it as you need. Neatly document the changes you made. Sell / give it free in your brand name. But you have to publish the changes you made with the source code too. That means you have to make sure that your product is released under the same licence OpenMiracle is realised.

Simple! To make OpenMiracle the best accounting ERP in the world. We know that its not an easy task. But we are sure that market is hunger for a genuine and powerful open source accounting product.


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