Openmiracle has already been a trend now.The acceptance and growing interest from users had proven it.

This software is trusted with over 50,000 + downloads and 70,000 + users

Welcome To Openmiracle

An open source accounting software which includes all the traditional accounting package features as well as some additional features.

What is Openmiracle?

"Openmiracle" is free and open sources accounting software which is a complete solution for all your business needs. It is very easy to use yet powerful and flexible based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. And moreover the beauty lies where it can be easily used by anyone without basic knowledge of accounting..!!!
It is an attempt to make software accounting package available to the common man. It includes all the traditional accounting package features with all modern accounting techniques.

    What makes Openmiracle so unique?

  • Open Source:

    Source code available for free.
  • Free of cost:

    Cost free accounting solution for lifetime.
  • User Friendly:

    It is very user friendly and easy to use software.
  • Various Plug-ins Available:

    It comes with various features like Miracle i and Miracle Skate.
  • Freely Accessible:

    One can freely access it for life time.
  • Meets All Requirement Of Accounting Software:

    It comprises of all the study features of any expensive accounting package without compramising in quality.

Some of Our Features

Openmiracle software is designed to simplify and automate complex, manual financial management processes and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness of your work-critical financial data. Everything you need to run your business magnificently !!!

Features to Improve Your Financial Performance


Helps you to prepare salary sheets in an efficient and timely manner with generation of all reports. It do comes with salary settings, holiday settings, attendance, pay heads, designations, advance payment, salary voucher and pay slip options.

Standard Rate

It comes with a standard rate setting option which helps the users to set the seasonal rates as required for them and can also set the offer rates on their products.

Financial Report

It aids in automatic preparation of efficient financialreports of business information’s like Trial Balance,Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Fund flow etc.

Multi-Currency Adoption

Can handle unlimited number of currency and daily exchange rates throughout the system which includes a unified ledger system,sales order processing,purchase orders,invoices etc.


Point of Sale option will give you control over many different areas of your business operations increasing efficiency and profitability.It is easy to create new invoice within seconds.More suitable for counter sales.


Easy way for setting budget and analyzing the budget variance and can help you to track your core accounts. It offers standard budgeting and tracking features.

Useful To Whom?

Anyone who finds it difficult to handle a complex accounting package and those with a thirst to know about accounting softwares-this is for you.

Individual or Organization

Openmiracle satisfies both individual and organisational needs by making complex financial accounting easier.

Software Developers

Developers can reap the benefits of open source by making use of the available sourse code and can customise or develop a new software as per their needs.

Software Resellers

You can resell it and can make a furtune out of an open source software.

Learners & Researchers

If your a researcher to experimrnt new ways of acounting or a learner who has an urge to learn about accounting softwares, the this is a right choice for you.

Why Openmiracle?

All life you wait for a miracle, now the miracle waits you.

In todays world where we have to pay even for a needle, Openmiracle exist as an open source software.

Reach to Core Areas

We proudly bring you this software, absolutely free of cost as a part of social cause. The main objective of Openmiracle team is to reach people in core areas who cannot afford the expensive accounting software package to fulfill their accounting needs.

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This was the main objective of keeping the software open source, so that anyone can use it whenever he is in need of it,cost of the software never becomes a barrier for him to meet his requirement.

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Beneficial for developers & Learners

Source code is extremely useful for a number of reasons. Open source is invaluable for learning,research,development as it reveals the workings of real large-scale software programs.

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No Vendor

One can directly get an open source software from the respective site without any interference of any vendors or IT professionals or agents and also it proves to be time saving.

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Anybody can Customize Easily

Organizations that engage with open source software can customize it to attain efficiency benefits or to better suit their own working practices, either via in-house development or by paying external developers.

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Employment Opportunities

It has a wide scope among youth who intend to start up a new business with a customization in this software.

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