Membership Fees :

Any fees collected by an organization with a formal membership from its registered members.

Maker of a note :

The person or business who signs a note and thus promises to make payment

Management advisory services :

Management advice provided to an organization by a private accountant

Managerial accounting :

The analysis, measurement, and interpretation of financial accounting information

Market value :

The price at which a share of stock may be sold on the stock market

Markup :

The amount added to the cost of merchandise to establish the selling price

Materials ledger :

A ledger containing all records of materials

Maturity date of a note :

The date a note is due

Maturity value :

The amount that is due on the maturity date of a note

Medicare tax :

A federal tax paid for hospital insurance

Memorandum :

A form on which a brief message is written describing a transaction

Merchandise :

Goods that a merchandising business purchases to sell

Merchandise inventory :

The amount of goods on hand for sale to customers

Merchandise inventory turnover ratio :

The number of times the average amount of

Merchandise inventory :

Is sold during a specific period of time

Merchandising business :

A business that purchases and sells goods

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System :

A depreciation method required by the Internal Revenue Service to be used for income tax calculation purposes for most plant assets placed in service after 1986

Mutual agency :

The right of all partners to contract for a partnership.